Welcome to Campbell Coast

Rural Scottish themed living in Second Life on the south coast of Mainland’s Corsica continent.

Photo by Kitty (kitten Mills) Mainland Specialist Landscape Architect/Builder

Come live your Second Life in Campbell Coast – Visit the Rentals Office in Second Life: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erazor/44/13/65

Info & Rentals Office
The Rentals Office is a centrally located hub for Campbell Coast Information, Available Rentals, Property for Sale, Events, Maps, Landmarks, Vehicle Rez Zone and more

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Campbell Coast is a haven for Mainland explorers, residents, art, music and gatherings of all sizes. Owl Dragonash is our extraordinary Curator, responsible for the beautiful Artist’s Village… home to a small and utterly charming city of galleries! Grand Opening celebrations of the Artists Village its expanded full Region size are set for February 2021 and thereafter open 24/7 for exploration at your leisure.

We love to hear about your experiences and invite all visitors and residents to share their Campbell Coast experiences with us by IM or Notecard inworld or by using Owl’s Blog link: Through Owl’s Eye or though Owl’s Social Media links. Owl’s Flickr, Owl on Facebook or email Owldragonash@gmail.com.

Click here to open Owl’s Blog in a new tab: https://throughowlseye.com/owls-blog/

Visit our Rentals Office in Erazor Region, conveniently located on the south roadside of Second Life’s Circuit La Corse protected roadway. This charming office is a great place to start your Campbell Coast adventures and grab a Landmark, right in the midst of everything! Across the road from one of the the beautiful Cable Car Ride(s) which travel a circuit up and down the mountain, this Campbell Coast hub offers our message and Rentals information centre, CasperLet vendor and Kiosk, Wearable Hover Scooters, ground Vehicle and Teegle Horse rezzers, Experience Teleporter, REZ ZONE and roads… paths… trails… leading all over the Campbell Coast and on to the rest of the Corsica Continent including to the south Coast of Emyniad Region where you can find a Water REZ ZONE and temporary boat rezzers and navigate your way through over 600 Regions of water… including all the way to the Blake Sea… sail and explore Mainland to your heart’s content ♥

Click here to open SLurl: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Erazor/44/13/65

…maybe you’ll find a peaceful place with a wonderful view, or meet an interesting person, or find a perfect piece of art to inspire your imagination or accent your home, or discover something even we don’t know about… maybe even stumble upon a secret entrance to a hidden castle!



Places of Interest – People to Meet – Things to Do

Around and About Campbell Coast

Not only a pretty picture! Campbell Coast has many reasons to visit, explore, enjoy and return for more! These pages contain a little more information about why we love our Second Life here on the southern shore of the Mainland Continent of Corsica. If you’re not already a devoted Mainland explorer or Resident… this could change your Second Life!

About that highway through Campbell Coast…

Its a public route maintained by the Linden Department of Public Works with regular, convenient Public Rez Zones located along its entirety. Public Pods follow its path and offer a tour to any passengers, chatting in Nearby about places of interest along the way. Simply right click and Sit on them or follow them to a Pod Station where more Pods will arrive regularly to offer additional routes to enjoy. This highway is named Circuit La Corse and is known as one of the most beautiful and interesting Protected Linden Routes on Mainland…

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About that Highway through Campbell Coast

In Second Life if you can imagine it… you can find it… or create it!

Imagine a leisurely drive along a coastal highway… like the lovely Circuit La Corse – curving sensuously around the major Mainland continent of Corsica – between soaring inland peaks and a mixture of sandy and pebbled beaches, it is renowned as one of the most beautiful roads in Second Life. Circuit La Corse circles the entire main central island of Corsica continent and takes approximately one – two leisurely hours to circumnavigate. Here’s a link to SecondHighways (very handy) complete Road-tripper’s guide: http://www.secondhighways.com/pages/roads/corsica/circuitLaCorse.php

http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/File:MAP-circuit-la-corse.jpg – Yellow dots on the map above indicate Public vehicle Rez Zones

Passing near vast tracts of open inland plateau, Circuit La Corse’s roadsides offers a myriad of themed villages, shopping and astounding roadside attractions including the beautiful Scottish seaside community of Campbell Coast surrounding the Sunstream Public vehicle REZ ZONE. Campbell Coast blends nicely between the Italian Laguna Blu and Borgo Eraclea Village and skirts the northern edge of the beautiful seaside German community in Novatron Region, home of featuring famous Eulennest Restaurant and PIER 7 club. You can keep up with their news here: https://www.slinfo.de/ There’s always plenty of fun and adventure to enjoy among this knowledgeable and welcoming group and usually a few multi-lingual members around for any needed translation(s). This group has been actively enjoying a casually luxurious Mainland lifestyle in SL since 2005!