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Around and About Campbell Coast

Not only a pretty picture! Campbell Coast has many reasons to visit, explore, enjoy and return for more! These pages contain a little more information about why we love our Second Life here on the southern shore of the Mainland Continent of Corsica. If you’re not already a devoted Mainland explorer or Resident… this could change your Second Life!

About that highway through Campbell Coast…

Its a public route maintained by the Linden Department of Public Works with regular, convenient Public Rez Zones located along its entirety. Public Pods follow its path and offer a tour to any passengers, chatting in Nearby about places of interest along the way. Simply right click and Sit on them or follow them to a Pod Station where more Pods will arrive regularly to offer additional routes to enjoy. This highway is named Circuit La Corse and is known as one of the most beautiful and interesting Protected Linden Routes on Mainland…

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